denoi krakow tour

Pronet Music Promotion 

Apoteka Pub
ul. Meiselsa 24, 31-058 Kraków

Koncert: 20:00
Otwarcie klubu: 19:00
Bilety: 20 zł

DENOI is Czech band formed in 2015 with 4 members. In same year band released their first debut album called „Disco Violence”. Before this, band released their first single with music video „Crush The Club“. Thanks to this two pieces band clearly determinated their own music genre called „Dance Metal“ wich is combination of modern heavy music and dance electronik sounds and beats.
Not long after album release comes second music video „Dans Song“ shooted live on stage during album baptism. In summer 2016 band already played on biggest heavy music festivals in Czech republic like: Masters of Rock, Basinfirefest, Made of Metal and even on one of biggest european festivals Przystanek Woodstock Festival in Poland. During this events band shooted third music video for song „My House – My Castle“ wich pushes their perverse humor to new level.
Main band focus is on clubs, where openly shows people filth and dirt of decadence you can find at every disco club after midnight
At this moment band works on new material and play gigs all over Czech republic, Slovak republic and Poland.