The newest album of Hellhaven "Anywhere Out Of The World"
Premiere: 4th of March 2017
You can listen the first single from this album now!
HellHaven – The Dawn & Possibility Of An Island

It is diverse. One will not find two of the same songs here. Vibe and instruments are the common thread. Each track leads the listener towards different part of music. It is not possible to unambiguously label it with single music style but what towers above is progressive rock which meanders between art rock, progressive metal and even eastern electrified rhythms. Music on this record was not made to flatter musicians or arrogant music critics. The idea was to let the music flow with the listener, sink in and leave part of it behind in one’s mind. However, please do not expect a tribute to pop or popular radio music, this creation is still an unstoppable fun with sound, style, concepts and ways of expression. The keynote is consideration of mundane subject as well as ideas that one may muse on for hours without end. We are not strangers to psychology of an individual, bloody battle between humans encased beautifully by media, speculation of blindly following the road to happiness or telling us which preacher has the right vision of the world. Music on this record aims to evoke questions in listener regarding mad chase after only one acceptable lifestyle depicted by media, politics or religion and pushes us to reflect not so much on life and death but the road which takes us there. Earthbound ideas encased in controversy and spontaneous departure to other dimensions similar to narcotic trance. In reference to the album’s name, subject of individual songs starts the whole adventure with words ‘anywhere out of the world’… From the technical and compositional point of view the record was supported by Erwin Żebro (band Piersi) who played on trumpet in songs Ever dream This Man & They Rule the World as well as Edyta Szkołut (band Nonamen) who sang vocal parts of Res Sacra Miser.